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The Sinfonias composers section is divided into four collections of composers with links to each composer's biography and major works as well as suggested recordings via a selection of Suggested Orchestras, Suggested Conductors, and Suggested Soloists. The White Collection is an absolute beginner's guide to listen-first classical music composers and works. The Green Collection includes those composers that are generally well known among classical music lovers.The Blue Collection consists of composers that are known among the advanced listeners of classical music and may need some listening experience before their contribution is fully appreciated. The last cycle, the Red Collection, is a list of not-so-well-known composers, whose work played though an important but little known role in the development of western classical music. Most of them were teachers or students of the more-well-known composers whom they guided or were influenced by.

The classical music listener who follows the four cycles of composers will eventually be able to understand the similarities and the differences between two or more classical music styles, differentiate among the different epochs, and apprehend why musicality of compositions in the romantic period became music atonality in the 20th century.

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