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All stations below provide information on the piece being played

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                We recommend (general classical)

                        Radio Swiss Classic (Switzerland)

                        Classic FM (UK)

                        Venice Classic Radio (Italy)

                        Radio Classique (France)

                        CFMZ Classical 96.3 FM (Canada)

                        CALM RADIO-Light Classical (Canada)


                        ON Klassik (Germany)

                        ferienwelle-classic (Germany)

                        kanal8610klassik (Switzerland)

                        klassik-xmas (Germany)

                        openclassics (Germany)

                        sbtst (Germany)


                We recommend (baroque)
                         Audiophile Baroque (Greece)


                We recommend (piano music)

                        CALM RADIO-Harpsichord (Canada)


                We recommend (classical guitar)

               Guitar (USA)


  • Other Classical Music Stations

  •                     AccuClassical (USA)

                        Radio Symphony (USA)


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