Classical Music Periods

This is a short table of the different periods in the history of Classical Music. You may wish to memorize the century when music style changed.

Classical Music
Time (Main Century)
Music in Ancient Times Paleolithic Era - AD 800 (pre 9th century)
Medieval Period Music800 - 1450 (9th to 15th century)
Renaissance Period Music1450 - 1600 (the 16th century)
Baroque Period Music1600 - 1750 (the 17th century)
Classical Period Music1750 - 1820 (the 18th century)
Romantic Period Music1820 - 1910 (the 19th century)
Modern Period Music1910 - 1945 (20th century pre-war)
Contemporary Period Music Since 1945 (20th century post-war)
(all dates are approximate)

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