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Vol. 15/2016-2017
No 1, 2017. In Search of True African Art
Vol. 14/2014-2015
No 1, 2014. Art without artistic intention: The case of “Planking”
Vol. 13/2012-2013
No 1, 2012. Maxfield Parrish and the Art of the Pre-Raphaelites: Resisting Realism in American Painting
No 2, 2012. Sadness in the Pursuit of Happiness. Two Inspirations of a Living Artist
No 3, 2012. The Augustan Ideal and the Pompeian Reality: Clothing Choice in Julio-Claudian Pompeii
No 4, 2013. Dreaming in Doubles. A New Portrait of Gala Dalí
Vol. 12/2010-2011
No 1, 2010. Art without the Aesthetics?
No 2, 2011. From a Greek Stress on Sex to Social Constructions of Women's Fashion
No 3, 2011. The Venus of Hohle Fels
No 4, 2011. Domestic Art versus Domestic Archaeology: A consideration of the types of evidence from Roman Campania
Vol. 11/2008-2009
No 1, 2008. Temporal Windows and Transient Identities: An Examination of Emerging Internet Art(PDF 50Kb)
No 2, 2008. New Aspects Related to Origin and Development of Mughal Inlay Art in India (PDF 1200Kb)
No 3, 2009. Mario Tessari. Between Historical Stylistic Eclecticism and Concern for the Human Dilemma. Part I (PDF 130kb)
No 4, 2009. Mario Tessari. Between Historical Stylistic Eclecticism and Concern for the Human Dilemma. Part II (PDF 100kb)
No 5, 2009. The Role of Beauty in Art and Science (PDF 60kb)
Vol. 10/2006-2007
No 1, 2006. The Social and Spatial Analysis of Romano-British Villas in Gloucestershire (PDF 307Kb)
No 2, 2007. Survivals of the Cult of the Matronae into the Early Middle Ages and Beyond (PDF 180Kb)
No 3, 2007. Ceramic Ethno-archaeology and its Applications (PDF 67Kb)
Vol. 9/2005
O051. March 2005. Sapta Matrikas In Indian Art. A Critical Study
O052. June 2005. Elements of Classical Style in Hosios Lukas Monastery, Phocis, Greece
O053. September 2005. The Mycenaean Terracotta Figurine from Brussels
O054. December 2005. An Overview of Ancient Egyptian Art
Vol. 8/2004
O041. March 2004. Ragamala Paintings & Rajput Art of India (18th c.)
O042. June 2004. Visual Culture in the Early Islamic Empire. Sacred and Secular Influences on Aesthetics
O043. September 2004. History of Art and Social Historical Methodology
O044. December 2004. The Greek ‘mobile’ statue. Myth and Realities
Vol. 7/2003
O031. March 2003. Glories of Ancient Greece Exhibited in Israel
O032. June 2003. The Eleusinian Iconography on the Red-figure pelike from Hermitage
O033. September 2003. The Oldest Gold in the World in a Varna Cenetery
O034. December 2003. Art, Museum, and Conservation
Vol. 6/2002
O021. March 2002. The Keos Ladies (c. 1500 BCE)
O022. June 2002. A 4th c. Gold Wreath from Macedonia
O023. September 2002. The Murals of the Roman Villas
O024. December 2002. Purity Broke Out In Israel: Stone Vessels in the Late Second Temple Period
Vol. 5/2001
O011. January 2001. The Chinese Art of Figure Characterization and Representation
O012. June 2001. Images of Inspiration in Early Christian Art
O013. September 2001. Eternal Egypt at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
O014. December 2001. Mika's Tomb Stele: 350-325 BCE
Vol. 4/2000
O001. March 2000. The Founding of Cities at Barcelona CCCB
Vol. 3/1999
O992. June 1999. Glorification
O993. July 1999. Israel Museum: Wine and Beer in Ancient Times
O994. November 1999. Israel Museum: Ancient Jewish Coins

This section began with Volume 3 in 1999.

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