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Vol. 15/2016-2017
No 1. 2016. A 17th c. BC Minoan Votive Double Axe (Labrys). The Arkalochori Axe and its siblings
Vol. 14/2014-2015
No 1. 2015. Characterisation-Based Approaches and Historic Landscape Management in England (An Overview)
Vol. 13/2012-2013
No 1. 2012. Ancient Stereograms Found in the Valley of the Kings
No 2. 2012. The Delphi Antinous
No 3. 2013. In Search of the Ancestors. A Preliminary Archaeological Reconnaissance of Orile-Owu, Nigeria
Vol. 12/2010-2011
No 1, 2010. Aegean Earthquakes, Tsunamis and the Cycladic Frying Pans (PDF 2,3Mb)
No 2, 2010. Lunisolar Calendrical Symbolism on the Phaistos Disk (PDF 40Kb)
No 3, 2011. Dynamics of Metal Working Traditions in West Africa (PDF 40Kb)
Vol. 11/2008-2009
No 1, 2008. The Art Museum in the 19th Century. J. J. Winckelmann's Influence on the Establishing of the Classical Paradigm of the Art Museum (PDF 60Kb)
No 2, 2008. Jacques-Louis David: Artistic Interpretation in Tumultuous Times (PDF 70Kb)
No 3, 2009. The Perspective in Ancient Greece. An Original Way of Constituting the Spatial Composition (PDF 1000Kb)
No 4, 2009. The Arkalokhori Axe Inscription in Relation to the Diskos of Phaistos Text (PDF 950Kb)
No 5, 2009. The Origin of the Alphabet (PDF 110Kb)
Vol. 10/2006-2007
No 1, 2006. The case of the mysterious 'button' in South Africa (African Archaeology) (PDF, 693Kb)
No 2, 2006. An Approximate Interpretation of the Diskos of Phaistos Text, revised March 2007 (PDF 478Kb)
No 3, 2007. The Cretan Hieroglyphic Inscription on the Mallia Stone Table (PDF 125Kb)
No 4, 2007. The Minoan 'Harvester' Vase Revised (PDF 1,5Mb)
Vol. 9/2005
P051. March 2005. Traces of Inflections in Minoan Linear A
P052. June 2005. The Vowel Harmonic in the Greek Archaic Alphabet
P053. September 2005. Does Minoan Linear A Represent One Language?
P054. December 2005. A Plausible Interpretation of the Diskos-of-Phaistos Character No. 44
Vol. 8/2004
P041. March 2004. The Production of the Phaistos Disk III - On the Printing Process of the Phaistos Disk
P042. June 2004. The Clasification of the Cypro-Minoan Scripts
P043. September 2004. Reconstructing the Space in Vermeer’s Officer and Laughing Girl
P044. December 2004. Hermes by Praxiteles
Vol. 7/2003
P031. March 2003. The Romanization of Britain: Chedworth Roman Villa
P032. June 2003. A Minoan Vase from Zakros, Crete
P033. September 2003. The Production of the Phaistos Disk - Experimental Studies
P034. December 2003. The Production of the Phaistos Disk II - Remarks and Reply
Vol. 6/2002
P021. May 2002. Alketas's Grave in Ancient Termessos
P022. June 2002. Secrets of Byzantine Castra in Israel
P023. September 2002. Dholavira and the Harappan Stadia in India
P024. December 2002. Is Scotland's Coronation Stone a Measurement Standard from the Middle Bronze Age?
Vol. 5/2001
P011. October 2001 The Quetesh Stele
P012. December 2001. The Tanagra "Larnakes": An Iconographic Analysis
Vol. 04/2000
P001. January 2000. A Bronze Age Larnax from Crete Revived
P002. June 2000. Hellenistic Pottery from Pisidia
Vol. 3/1999
No studies were published in this section in Volume 3 in 1999.
Vol. 2/1998
P981. January 1998. Archaeological Jerusalem
P982. June 1998. Ancient Naxos (Cyclades, Greece)
Vol. 01/1997
P971. November 1997. Metaponto

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