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ANISTORITON Journal: Essays
Since 1997

Vol. 15/2016-2017
No 1. 2016.  Nigerian wooden sculptures and their preservation in the National Museum Lagos, Nigeria
No 2. 2016.  Cretan Hieroglyphics. The Cretan Protolinear Script
Vol. 14/2014-2015
No 1. 2014.  Caesarís Jewish Policy according to Flavius Josephus (Jewish Antiquities XIV, 190-222)
No 2. 2015.  Tomyris, Queen of the Massagetes A Mystery in Herodotusís History
Vol. 13/2012-2013
No 1. 2012.  Alexandre Joseph Hidulphe Vincent on George Gemistos Plethon
No 2. 2012.  The Thematic Structure of Marcus Aureliusí Biography in the Historia Augusta
No 3. 2013.  The Civic Status of the Alexandria Jewish Community In Ptolemaic and early Roman periods
Vol. 12/2010-2011
No 1. 2010. The administration of Egypt in Hellenistic times: The rise and fall of the oikonomos (PDF 135Kb)
No 2. 2010. The Cult of Sabazios.The Cult of a Gallo-Roman God on a Relief from Arlon/Aarlen (Belgium)? (PDF 260Kb)
No 3. 2010. Understanding Nigeria Within The Context Of The Atlantic World
No 4. 2011. The Representation of Heroic Episodes in Plutarch's Life of Pyrrhus
Vol. 11/2008-2009
No 1, 2008. The Literary Allusions to the Suburbium of Rome and their Social Implications(PDF 220kb)
No 2, 2009. Elitism in Ideological Construction. White Australia Coloring the Southern European 'Black Fella'(PDF 700kb)
No 3, 2009. Art, Language and Machines (Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia and Raymond Roussel) (PDF 70kb)
Vol. 10/2005-2007
No 1, 2005. Teaching Modern Greek History with Multimedia & the Internet as Cognitive Tools
No 2, 2007. Death by smallpox in 18th and 19th c. South Africa(PDF 750Kb)
No 3, 2007. The Craft's Use of Geometry in 16th c. Germany: A Means of Social Advancement? Albrecht Durer & after(PDF 1,2Mb)
Vol. 9/2005
E051. March 2005. Tribalism & Racism among the Ancient Greeks
E052. June 2005. The Roles of Patrician and Plebeian Women in their Religion in Rome
E053. September 2005. Application of the Swastika In Mughal Architecture of India
E054. December 2005. In Search of Harmony in 49 BC Rome
Vol. 8/2004
E041. March 2004. Was ‘Operation Barbarossa’ a reasonable undertaking for 1941 Germany?
E042. June 2004. Yugoslavia’s Futile 1941 Revolution: Problems and Prospects of the Simovich Government
E043. September 2004. Emperor Domitian and the Temple Construction
E044. December 2004. The Colloseum
Vol. 7/2003
E031. March 2003. Slavery, Society, and the Law in America. The Slave Law in Virginia (1607-1776)
E032. June 2003. Franco-American Relations and the Elections of 1792 in the U.S.A.
E033. September 2003. The British Military Mission and Army in Greece 1942-1952
E034. December 2003. The Polish Question at the Yalta Conference
Vol. 6/2002
E021. March 2002. Napoleon in Egypt, 1798
E022. June 2002. Military & Roman Emperors: Septimius Severus to Gallienus
E023. September 2002. Minoan Origins of Athena
E024. December 2002. Justice and the Self: A Reading of Plato’s Gorgias
Vol. 5/2001
E011. April 2001. Economic History Problems of 18th c. Ottoman Greece: The Case of Ambelakia in Thessaly
E012. June 2001. Catherine of Russia and the Ottoman Empire (1763-1796)
E013. September 2001. The Writer's Building in Calcutta, India
E014. December 2001. The Hellenic Alphabet: Origins, Use, and Early Function
Vol. 4/2000
E001. February 2000. The War in Afghanistan (1979-1989)
E002. September 2000. The Dutch Conquest of The Band Islands in Indonesia (1599-1621)
Vol. 3/1999
E991. January 1999. GLADIVS versus SARISSA: Roman legions against Greek pike phalanx
E992. April 1999. The Mycenaean presence in Italy
E993. June 1999. Patronage and Architectural Adaptation in the Roman Cult of the Martyrs
E994. November 1999. The Anglo-French Struggle for the American Continent. (1750s - 1770s)
Vol. 2/1998
E981. January 1998. The Peloponnesian War: The Spartan Invasions
E982. March 1998. The United Nations & the Somalia Operation, 1991-1994
E983. April 1998. The Perceptions of the Byzantine Aristocracy towards the Latins: 1081-1204
E984. June 1998. An Overview of Greek Painting in the 19th c.
E985. July 1998. The Rise of the Minoan Palaces
E986. September 1998. President Johnson's Vietnam Policy = President Kennedy's Vietnam Policy ?
Vol. 1/1997
E971. September 1997. The Hanseatic League of the Middle Ages
E972. November 1997. Great Britain and the Eastern Question: The case of the Greek War of Independence 1821-1828

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